London: Norwegian charged for terrorism reports on how a Norwegian citizen of Somali background has been arrested in London and is charged with terrorism.

Unauthorized translation:

The Norwegian-Somali man was apprehended in London on September 24th last year. The 52 year-old is now incarcerated in Belmarsh-prison outside London, VG reports.

The Norwegian is according to the charges to have acquired one kilo of the radioactive material “Red Mercury” which can be utilized in so called dirty bombs.

Al Qaida?

British media are according to VG suggesting that the terrorism-charged Norwegian may be connected to the feared terror-organization Al-Qaida.

The 52 year-old is originally from Somalia, and came to Norway for the first time in 1988. He became a Norwegian citizen in 1997, in spite of the fact that he five years previously had been apprehended at Svinesund (Border crossing to Sweden) with a carrier bag full of documents for passports and visas to several European countries. The man emigrated to Great Britain in 2003.

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