Robert Mitchum: echoes of Holocaust denial

Actor Robert Mitchum played in Winds of War and War and Remembrance. He also gets a mention in Denying the Holocaust: The growing assault on Truth and Memory, by Deborah Lipstadt:

“Echoes of Holocaust denial have also been heard from individuals who are not associated with extremist or overtly antisemitc groups.  In an interview with Esquiremagazine in February 1983, Robert Mitchum, who played a leading role in the television production of Herman Wouk’s World War II saga, Winds of War and War andRemembrance, suggested that there was doubt about the Holocaust.  Asked about the slaughter of six million Jews, he replied “So the Jews say.”  The interviewer, incredulous, repeated Mitchum’s comment verbatim, “So the Jews say?” and Mitchum responded, “I don’t know. People dispute that.”

As it happens Mitchum’s mother was Norwegian. Now does this signify anything? Not at all, to indicate anything else would be racist. Which is why Kåre Willoch was accused of being an anti-Semite after commenting upon how President Obams’s ME policies were unlikely to change as his ME adviser was a jew.

Most Norwegians will understand the first example. When the second is equally understood people won’t be able to get away with comparing operation Cast Lead with the Warsaw ghetto any longer.

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  1. joe
    May 15, 2013 at 8:48 am

    The Brits had broken the German code, and they listened in/intercepted communications from Auswitz commandant to Berlin HQ- these occurred every day- never was there anything mentioned about anything untoward happening at the camp.

    The camp even had inmate swimming pools ( now falser characterized as water reservoirs for firefighting,lol. I guess thats why they put diving boards in them.

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