Video: Willoch’s analysis is misleading and simplistic

Former premier Kåre Willoch (Conservatives) has for years (recent example in Aftenposten) claimed to find support for his allegations of Israeli atrocities in the findings of Israeli historian Benny Morris. Here in a video from Norway’s largest Pro-Israel organization – With Israel for Peace (MIFF) – we hear what Morris himself thinks of this. Now remember that Audun Lysbakken, next in command to Kristin Halvorsen in the Socialist Left (Sosialistisk Venstreparti), quite recently proclaimed Kåre Willoch to be “the king” for his honorable analysis of Middle Eastern affairs. Recall also how Kristin Halvorsen herself, on January 8th, partook in a march where there were cries of “kill the jews”, and how the Socialist Left in a press release issued afterwards denied that any such calls were made. Quite a crew.

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