Inger Lise Hansen: I am a friend of Israel

Christian Democrats

Christian Democrat Inger Lise Hansen caused a huge uproar when she recently displayed a list of seven items which she believed would draw a larger proportion of the electorate – a full three of the four points consisted of being less supportive of Israel. It is difficult to imagine what is more scary – that a Christian Democrat might actually believe such a thing or that she might be right.

Ms.Hansen now says in DagenMagazinet that she is “a friend of Israel“, pointing out:

I believed among other that one may be a friend of Israel even if one criticizes what the authorities in Israel are doing. It cannot be that one must praise all what Israeli authorities do in order to qualify as a friend of Israel. I also felt it was wrong not to be able to talk about the miserable conditions of the Palestinians, says Hansen.

– I am still a friend of Israel. I have just as much of being so, she says.

Ms.Hansen is of course right in that nobody in any party should feel obliged to applaud any and all decisions of any foreign government. But isn’t the problem in Norway today that far too many focus far too much on precisely Israel?

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