How Palestine-Lobbyist Hadia Tajik confuses humanitarian need with Jihadist thought

Screenshot from Dagsavisen on June 1st

Hadia Tajik (Labor) is a member of the Parliamentary group “Friends of Palestine”, which outnumbers and outguns the smaller “Friends of Israel” group which is backed by members of the opposition. On June 1st Tajik, together with a number of other members of “Friends of Palestine”, showed up in Parliament wearing kaffiyehs. As Norwegian journalists themselves tend to subscribe to the Palestinian narrative, the newspapers did not make much of this. Many ordinary citizens are however baffled and angry at how our politicians can display such obvious solidarity with Jihadist though. One of them, citizen H, has written to Hadia Tajik and pointed out how Norwegian parliamentarians have a long tradition of enforcing a set of double standards for Israel.

Tajik confused on Jihadist thought and humanitariansim

Many people of Middle East origin wear the kaffiyeh out of tradition. Its popularity has led it to be exploited by Jihadist ideologues, which sells the kaffiyeh as a symbol of humanitarianism. When the “Friends of Palestine” in Norway’s Parliament wear the kaffiyeh to work, their are lending their political power to the Jihadist movement. This is what Citizen H points out to Hadia Tajik, and as we can see from Hadia Tajik’s answer, this is what she fails to understand.

Tajik’s reply (unauthorized translation):

“You list up an array of other human rights violations, and it appears that you believe that wearing the kaffiyeh means that one is not concerned with other human rights violations… But it is not the case that because one stands up for the civilian population in Gaza one omits working on other human rights violations. My commitment to democracy and human rights led me to take a master’s degree in human rights at Kingston University in England in 2004-05. I will continue to demonstrate my position of different questions concerning democracy and human rights issues”.

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