Breaking: Letter from US Senator Brownback on anti-Semitism in Norway

Soria Moria, the fantasy kingdom, by Theodor Kittelsen and the name of the program of the coalition government. Do not expect to find Senator Brownback's letter on display when you arrive.

On August 3rd, US Senator Brownback wrote a letter to the Ambassador of Norway in Washington DC. In his letter the Senator expresses concern over how hatred of Israel and outright anti-Semitism is being allowed to fester unchallenged in Norway. The authorities do not appear to want the public to know about this.

Our politicians do not tell. Our media corps is looking in the wrong direction. And our intellectuals, stooping low as they grovel for funds, have been reduced to the role of commissars. As this site pointed out in the Gudmund Hernes affair, when it comes to Israel there is nobody to speak out against the lobby. But this goes far beyond Israel, that faraway little country, and the microscopic community of Norwegian Jews. What is at stake here is the integrity of the nation.

Ah, the red-green coalition were on the right track when they named their political program after the fairy-tale kingdom of Soria Moria, but what sort of fairy-tale king receives letters of concern from his closest ally, only to hide them from his people? Perhaps Through the Looking Glass would have been more appropriate: it offers an insane queen.

Read the Senator’s letter below. Ask yourself as you read: what right does the government have to hide such criticism from the electorate? How are we supposed to be able to evaluate our politicians when they hide things from us? What else lies tucked away up there, in the gilded cupboards of Soria Moria, and how deep does that rabbit hole go?

Letter from Senator Brownback to Ambassador Strømmen

Above we see the letter, which is very politely written, where Senator Brownback voices his concern. Below we see the ten-point list – from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre – upon which the Senator’s concerns are based. This site will elaborate on each and every one of them over the next few days.

Attachment to US Senator Brownback's letter: page 1 out of 2

Above you see the attachment – from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre – to the Senator’s letter: page 1 out of 2. Below you see page 2 out of 2 from the same attachment.

Attachment to US Senator Brownback's letter: page 2 out of 2

For longer posts on how the Palestine-Lobby in Norway works, read the essays on the horizontal menu above.

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