Is anti-Semitism good, clean fun?


The graphic above is from Ikkepedia looks almost identical to wikipedia and aims at being non-politically correct. So it is about being disrespectful and abusive, which on occasion can be funny. The graphic above is not funny, however. Anti-Semitism is a very serious threat to the well being of not only Norwegian Jews, but to Norwegian society as a whole. It is not a joking matter.

Another comedian who uses anti-Semitism as material is Otto Jespersen (several occasions). When it comes to making fun of Islam, Norwegian comedians are less bold: on one occasion the popular comedy show Trygdekontoret chose to withdraw a cartoon of Muhammed, on another Otto Jespersen said he would not burn the Koran (he burned some other holy book) as he desired to live to see the next day.

Cowardice mixed with anti-Semitism is dangerous, especially when served as a portion of good, clean fun.

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