Journalism, Aftenposten style

It appears Aftenposten is unable to relate events as they happen in Israel, at least judging by what they chose to print.

Whilst it did print a story about a Hamas operative who was shot and killed when refusing to cease approaching soldiers during a raid in the West Bank , it totally ignores the barrage of rockets, including Katyushas (the ones, which according to Norwegian journalists who enjoy the cheap beer and booze in Israel, provoke nothing but a minor itch, as by a mosquito bite), shells containing phosphorous that has fallen over villages and towns in Israel proper during the Jewish New Year festival. More than 50.000 innocent civilians have had to stay close to shelters, rather than enjoying peaceful New Year celebrations with family and friends.

For the uninitiated, Hamas operatives take great pride in killing and maiming anyone, Jew or Arab, as long as this can derail the ongoing peace talks between Israel and the PA, a minor fact omitted in any Aftenposten piece on Israel you would care to read.

It goes without saying that Aftenposten and the rest of the media pack in Norway thinks it wholly irrelevant to mention the fact that Hamas has as a stated goal to eradicate Israel and murder as many Jews as possible in the process.

To the moral supremacists in Norway none of this is of importance, and if they have to lie and distort in order to have their version of the “truth” prevail, so be it.

On reflection, maybe these left wing loonies have confused Karl Marx with Groucho Marx? On seeing how selective their moral concerns are, it is tempting to reach this conclusion, as it seems they all live by the wise words of Groucho: The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.