Moral solution to Norwegian arms industry problem – privatize it!

The newspaper Ny Tid has recently featured some very interesting articles on the Norwegian arms industry.

The articles highlight how Norway’s arms sales have sky rocketed (no pun intended!), with the red green moral supremacists issuing on average 5 new licenses a day, pushing sales upwards over 50% more than previous government.

Challenged on how this might reflect badly on Norway’s carefully crafted image of the humanitarian superpower and number 1 peace peddler, politicians have suggested that in order to avoid being labeled as war profiteers (yes, a trifle unsightly, we export pretty heavy duty machinery to nations at war), the Norwegian state ought to privatize the arms industry.

Wow, how come nobody thought of that before!? Privatize it! Then obviously Norway cannot be held morally, ethically or even juridically responsible for any unfortunate consequences of war and weapons of war!

In this case there can be no doubt that the powers that be in Norway certainly have confused Karl with Groucho Marx: “those are my principles! If you don’t like them…., well I have others!”