Counting coup against the NRK

Counting coup: a show of courage and defiance

“Counting coup” is a referral to how North American indians won prestige in battle, with the highest honor won by touching the enemy without injuring him. When braves attempted this against the white man, the white man would of course gun them down. Today in Norway, braves will sometimes write letters of protest to the Norwegian broadcasting authority NRK. After which NRK employees will pass the letter around in order to jeer at it.

Here is an excerpt from one such letter, recently sent to the NRK:

Here we see NRK “at its best”, Taliban takes responsibility for the killing of eight health care workers. No deep indignation in the NRK or Norway, and even then NRK mobilizes to suggest that that this cannot be the Taliban’s action.

Israel boards a ship: NRK invites Rødt (Red, a political party) and SV (Socialist Left, a government party)’s youth organizations, only minutes later on the same morning, before the facts are on the table. They know all the answers, are allowed to broadcast their hatred in NRK. And when evidence shows that Israel’s soldiers were attacked, NRK uses every trick in the book in order to avoid having to tell the truth. Yes, they use every possible distraction in order to blame Israel. Also when it was Lebanon who fired first, and the UN the following day confirms that Israel did not fire first, NRK remains silent.

Of course, the Norwegian media corps scoff at letters such as this. “Just another Israelvenn” they smile. “Nothing to take seriously”.  This is missing the point entirely. Letters such as this are not about Israel. They are about how NRK manages public opinion through information flow.

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