Them and us

Scenario 1: Israel is attacked with rockets. After years of being tolerating war crimes against civil population for the sake of advancing peace and to not harm innocent civilians on enemy side, it finally decides enough is enough and hits enemy where it hurts, taking on the full risk of urban war fare, while trying its very best to protect civilians. Enemy uses urban centers as strategic sites to hide terrorists and weapons, so making said sites legal targets. Outcome 1: worlds number 1 hate object. Outcome 2: The Norwegian government, the red-green coalition, becomes first government in Western world to have a minister join a demonstration that ended up as hate fest against Jews.

Scenario 2: an unverified rumor that somehow Norwegian soldiers should have committed war crimes in Afghanistan (a country that never has attacked Norway by the way), and/or engaged in unethical behavior  (which boils down to some poorly chosen words).

Outcome 1: initial and across the board condemnation from Defense Minister and leftopopulists.

Outcome 2: when it dawned on the above mentioned that they got on wrong side of popular opinion, the immediate damage control response was a tsunami of op-eds, interviews, monologues, etc where we have been treated to lessons on “how the hallmark of war is the fight for survival and that to take life is an intrinsic part of war”. Others have called for action to normalize the fact that in war you have to kill, and telling the masses that, “killing is a precondition for Norwegian soldiers doing their job”.

Even the director of the prestigious PRIO went on record with an article in VG, where he argues that war crimes are easier to commit when you fight an enemy without uniform.

Conclusion: Israel is always wrong to defend herself, whereas we are always right and always ethical, even when we invade a country that never posed a threat to us.