Not in Norwegian news

Hamas flaunts just about all rules and blows up 13 compatriots, including at least 5 children and three women at Kassam training center.

None of the relevant Norwegian media outfits finds this remotely intersting, but NRK ought to be congratulated for having dedicated precious press space to the story of 2 year old Nathalie from Ramallah and her somewhat unorthodox choice of companion animal – a 3 meter long python snake.

I am however very concerned that this animal has been imported from Israel,  as I am sure that in the unfortunate event that somehow a two year old that rides a python should get injured, the Norwegian media will then write about killer snake from Israel, thereby finding yet another proof of absolute evil.

The unfortunate 13 persons, including 5 children and 3 women are on the other hand not worthy a mention, not even a question as to why on earth children are brought along to dangerous explosives training?

Professor M. McGonagall