Bishop is the new Prophet

The Rev. Harald Nordhaug, the bishop of Bjørgvin offers new exegetic insights and refers to Palestinian political priest Naim Ateek with whom he cosponsored an event in Bergen this week.

According to the Reverend Bishop, the Bible (as in the New Testament) does not hold any particular promise to the Jews regarding the Land, since this was already delivered upon in the Old Testament, and expanded upon after the birth of Jesus. Hence, Jews of today, have no right to the Land of Israel.

The Reverend then adds that Christians have no particular revelation by which to understand the Middle East conflict by, and rather than trusting their gut instinct they ought to be guided by ethics and international law.

To be fair, the reverend was magnanimous enough to disprove of boycotting Israel, although this appears to be the raison d`être for the Friends of Saabel, the organizer of the event.

Following the right reverends logic, where should the landless Jews migrate today? Maybe Spain would see fit to rehabilitate and repatriate some of their old refugees and their descendants, or maybe better yet, the reverend ought to take his own advice?

This makes me remember an old joke.

An orthodox Jew was sobbing bitterly at evening prayer, tearing a hole in his shirt, crying so much that God himself revealed Himself to old Moishe and asked him: Moishe, Moishe, what are you crying so bitterly for?

Oy, wept Moishe, Oy Vey, one of my sons has gone and converted himself to Christianity!!! Oy, what shall I do, how could this befall me, Oy vey?!?!

So God answered: But Moishe, don’t despair, don’t you remember that I too had a son that did that to me?

Ah, yes, that is right – say, what did you do about it?

I wrote a new testament!

Professor M. McGonagall