Aftenposten is a dirty liar!

On Thursday October 28, Aftenposten served the following photo to unsuspecting readers:

The text accompanying the picture goes….

….Palestinian man restrained by Israeli Riot police in the PALESTINIAN town of Umm el Fahm in the North of Israel….. The picture and text is attributed to Reuters.

However, checking the sources, we found that Reuters in no place describes Umm el Fahm as a PALESTINIAN town, but correctly as an Israel-Arab town.

If anybody ever had any doubt about the very low standards of professional ethics in this rag of a paper, here we present you with the smoking gun proving yet again that Aftenposten is a dangerous liar, it falsifies information from other journalistic sources, and has a political agenda in undermining and delegitimizing Israel and will stop at nothing in order to destroy the good name of Israel and promote antisemitism in Norway  .

Umm el Fahm lies in Israel proper, it has never been a so-called contested territory and notably, the citizens are ISRAELIS of Arab origin.

Imagine the fury if a newspaper anywhere in the world would cover the riot in downtown Oslo in February this year like this: Norwegian riot police in the Danish town of Oslo in Southern Norway forcefully restrained and physically injured vulnerable and homeless people during a demonstration to protest eviction from their makeshift shelter….

I betcha that would make even the most brain dead editor smell a rat!

Professor M. McGonagall