Ritual slaughter prohibited, animal cruelty subsidized

Norwegian consumers have been treated to a shock disclosure of how a few (not all!) fur farms in Norway operate.

A widely respected  animal welfare organization posted this video link to expose ongoing cases of animal cruelty on some fur farms in Norway (linked video contains very strong images).

This blog is not about to get involved in the media frenzy related to this case, but sees this as an opportunity to expose yet another example of hypocrisy among the powers that be.

This is far from the first time cases of animal cruelty has been exposed, not only in fur animals, but also other production animals.

It is the responsibility of the National Food Safety Authority to inspect suspected cases of animal cruelty, however the competent authority routinely dismisses or fails to investigate reported cases.

This contrasts strongly with the strong defense of animal welfare that purportedly underpins the ban on ritual slaughter we have written about previously.

Again, not wishing to dedicate this blog to a domestic scandal, we merely connect the dotted lines, Jews in Norway may not perform ritual slaughter on animals intended for personal consumption, thus being denied a basic central human right – the right to religious freedom (see article 18 in linked document). On the other hand, the [politically correct] state has knowingly and willingly tolerated, even subsidized, cases of gratuitous animal cruelty.

Professor M. McGonagall