Norwegian Church Aid organizes neutral fact-finding field trip to Hebron. Not!

The Norwegian Church Aid organized a field trip to Hebron with special invitees: Hadja Tajik, Labor who leg humped unwritten parliamentary rules to not use the Rostrum of the Parliament for cheap populism and sported a kaffiyeh in support of Mavi Marmari Islamic tugs, and is star member of the Friends of Palestine faction in Parliament. She has ignored calls for demanding immediate release of Hamas prisoner Gilad Shalit

Inger Lise Hansen, Christian Democrats, who when support for her miniature party was sagging in polls suggested it should drop support of Israel in order to gain new votes. Now the party has dropped even further, and would not have a representative in the Storting if elections were held today.  She thinks Israel is responsible for hardship, ignoring PA flagrant corruption even as a possible explanation. The security fence is in her stated opinion extremely suppressive, again ignoring that is was constructed to keep suicide bombers and groups with clearly stated genocidal goals.

Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, Conservative who, judging by his blog is capable of balanced thought, his party however, is still under the influence of rabid Israel hater Kåre Willoch, who is on record for saying that the Israelis create terrorism. Also, he is a member of both friends of Palestine and friends of Israel in Parliament, either an expression for political pragmatism or just unwilling to make up his mind?

Knut Arild Hareide, Christian Democrats, in line to clinch party leadership, a member of the friends of Israel faction in Parliament, but appears to have skillfully left it to party comrade Hans Olav Syversen to comment on Israel and ME conflict – though the did slightly dissent with colleague Hansen when she claimed her party needs to be more critical of Israel in order to capture votes.

The Norwegian Church Aid is by no means a neutral organization in the ME conflict context, they give monetary support to groups who have no compunction in labeling Israel apartheid state, and have supported Hamas leadership in Gaza, and supports a boycott of Israel.

Also, it is no secret that Church of Norway Bishops regularly trash Israel and engage in sick theology in order to delegitimize Israel and its historic claim to the land, ignoring in the process that Jews have always lived there no matter how brutal the crusades.

So now the Norwegian Church Aid wants to have us believe that they have organized a neutral fact finding field trip to Hebron?

Meanwhile, the hapless citizens of West Sahara languish in a brutal conflict which nobody cares to write about, or far less offer any of that particular brand of solidarity that only the Norwegian Church Aid and peculiar lot of friends know how to give!

What utter chutzpa!

Prof. M. McGonagall