Løkkeberg’s turkey has nose-dived

Last week we brought you information on Vibeke Løkkeberg’s latest turkey (no pun intended…), and this week we are happy to bring you the follow up on this one:

A film maker from Bergen – Ole Mads Sirks Vevle had this to say about her film in today’s Aftenposten: (unauthorized translation of short excerpt):

Lokkeberg is excessively clear in driving home the fact that with her film Tears in Gaza, she wants to put an end to any rational analysis, and there is also no doubt as to what you are supposed to feel.
The final line of the movie is: I want to become a lawyer, so that I can sue those who have stolen our country and murdered our children (about Israel). How can Lokkeberg know that these kids are not just performing carefully rehearsed lines? This is a well known Pallywood trick.
Particularly one scene in the movie is harrowing, featuring the bodies of three small children with clearly visible bullet wounds. We are being told that Israeli soldiers have assassinated them. But how can we know that these children have not been murdered by their own, then exposed in Lokkebergs film to create the reactions it triggers? Are you allowed to ask such critical questions? According to Lokkeberg, you are not.

You can read the rest by entering the text into google translate, this is straight from the liver, but carefully crafted!

Also, here is a well meant advice to Lokkeberg: Don’t bend over to shake your tail feathers, they have just been plucked!

Prof M. McGonagall