Not in Norwegian news

Haaretz brings us today this delicious piece of information Palestinian jailed for logging on to Facebook as “God” to criticize Islam

Norwegian media – which regularly quotes anything Haaretz writes – prefers story on Sharon coming home, how Saudi Arabia got a place on UN women’s rights council, the terrible fate of Pakistani Christian woman or Obamas view on ME peace

Not to let you think that we have succumbed to complete persecution mania, we only bring this to the fore in a week where Norwegian newspapers have been all agog over Israel spy master fantasy that turned out to be the drunken gibberish of an anonymous source.

Also, we are disappointed that whilst it is important to discuss how on earth Saudia got a representative on UN women’s rights council, and certainly the terrible fate of Christians in Muslim countries, Norwegian media shy away from blatant human rights transgressions against Palestinians by PA, Hamas or other such “authority”.

This is not the only occasion where the otherwise human rights obsessed Norwegian journalists have badly let down hapless Palestinians, or so-called aid workers who end up as victims of PA, Hamas et al.

One of the chief arguments regular Israel bashers present when challenged on one-sided covering/debate on ME conflict is that they criticize Israel out of a strong feeling of love and friendship.

Now, their silence and complicity in covering up “home made” Palestinian horror stories makes me wonder if our leftist journalists in reality hate the Palestinians, and think they are not entitled to any human rights or protection of privacy from their leaders? Or far worse, that Palestinians only have a value to our Israel obsessed media in as far as they can be used as a tool to bash Israel.

As has been said so many times, with friends like this, who needs enemies!

Prof. M. McGonagall