Its official, we have been found out!

Aftenposten brings us news that the Israeli foreign ministry finally has had enough of Norway’s shameless Israel bashing

The response of the Norwegian Foreign ministry is as alarming as it is scandalous, admitting no guilt they only claim that the Norwegian Government supports freedom of expression and that it does not “intervene in artistic content”!

To add serious insult to painful injury, Aftenposten extracts a confession from the husband (!) of the director of the “documentary” (propaganda film, more like it) tears of GazaTerje Kristiansen; Kristiansen readily admits that a particularly offensive chanting – Itbah al-Yahud – had been rendered as Slaughter the Israelis, rather than the true meaning; Slaughter the Jews.

According to Kristiansen, this artistic license was deemed appropriate, since it was obvious that the Gazans meant no harm to the Jews, only to the Israelis.

Which makes me wonder: if this is so, why do all Synagogues or Jewish community centers around the world require heavy security to protect Jews in their simple act of religious devotion?

Maybe Kristiansen and Lokkeberg, but also the FMA and the rest of the lot of pathetic cowards in the corridors of power ought to be reminded of the origin of the word “translate”. it comes from the Latin word, traducire, which means traitor.

Prof. M. McGonagall