Church of Norway – a ministry of dark deeds

That the Church of Norway still has to own up to some pretty horrific views on Jews and Israel is already old news. We have previously written about how bishops minister to congregants on how the Jews no longer have a claim to the land of Israel, this on the heels of other howler, where bishops lined up to condemn and boycott Israel, as well as Norwegian Church Aid open and continous call for boycott of Israel. It would be fair to note that the same bishops keep mum in light of other tragic events -their silence after  desperate Haitians were shot down and at least one murdered by UN troops is particularly disturbing.

Yet, at a time when the Haitians are being held captive in grim prison camps, at the mercy of the UN and all the countries that pledged brotherly love and a bounty of money to help the Haitians out of misery, our top clergy and clerical politicos enjoy fine dining, the good life, and a good dosis of gossip and back stabbing at the meetings that count. Because at the annual Church Meeting, the highest authority of the Church of Norway, some politically correct commission forwarded the motion of suspending the prayer  for Jerusalem, which luckily was defeated.

Imagine therefore the sheer perplexion of lay church people, or others with a mild to moderate interest in history in general, and the history of the Jews in particular, when the Secretary General of the World Council of Churches, Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit declared – delighting in canapees and bubbly wine, we imagine – that Israel’s declaration of Jerusalem as its capital was tantamount to Norway declaring Gothenburg as its capital. 

Have these Christian leaders nothing better to do with their time than to obsess about Israel?  Have they no decency? Have they no knowledge?

Which prompts me to make use of my very scant and incomplete knowledge of the fundamental teachings of Christianity, and mildly twist the words of Luke: Forgive them not, they know what they do!

Prof. M. McGonagall