Anti-Israel goons shut down shopping center – Norway Social Forum takes the mickey

We have already informed you of how our very local brand of red necks shut down a shopping center in Oslo in order to protest sale of Israeli products.

According to Red Youth leader Iver Aastebøl, Norwegian consumers should not be allowed even the choice to buy Israeli products, just because he has decided so. It sort of reminds me of other megalomaniac, Luis 16, l’etat, c’est moi, but at least good old Luis had the excuse of living in a time where rule by decree was the norm, now we flatter ourselves to believe that we live in democracies… However, reading the comments on his blog gives a good hearty laugh, of the 12 comments, 12 give him the thumbs down

Several newspapers identified the bullies as members of Red Youth, Socialist Youth and others, all of them participating in  the Norway Social Forum Globalization conference

Never mind the leader of the Red youth branch, we must assume he cannot help his ticks, as is probably also the case with the rest of the crowd.

What is very interesting is to note is that while these socialist babes acted out their tantrums, the Globalization conference that was the pretext for this Israel bashing, had the audacity of putting serious issues such as racism, destruction of the environment, child exploitation and many other worthy issues on the agenda, but rather than staging a protest against how the Saudis and Chinese buy up every sliver of agricultural land in Sub Saharan Africa, which forces an increasing number of  transhumance pastoralists to abandon traditional livestock trails in the Niger delta – lo and behold, let’s shut down a shopping center to protest Israel. Well done!

The Socialist Youth and Labor Youth organizations also came out with a lot of egg on their faces, maybe Labors Israel hater and gay leader Anette Trettebergstuen should tell them how her human rights have been voted out of the UN General Assembly as African and Muslim nations voted to delete from a resolution condemning unjustified executions a specific reference to killings due to sexual orientation. Maybe some of the demonstrators could be bothered to stand up for her and demand that her inalienable human rights be restored – however, since there is no Israel bashing option here, in Anette’s place, I would not take my chances…

Prof. M. McGonagall