Mr. Krekling at NRK is a dirty manipulator!

OK guys, stop looking, NRK journalists have found the perpetrator of the failed Oslo accords. According to the journalist David Krekling, it is Israel, or specifically, Bibi Netanyahu, who is to blame, and the smoking gun is to be found in a video recording from 2001.

Rather than standing on his own feet, or apparently without the slightest interest in doing some basic journalistic work, he, Krekling, points us to a JEWISH web site, where purportedly steamy bits of proof are presented (yes, that is right, Krekling refers to the Tablet as a JEWISH magazine, so just to make him squirm, I will call the Tablet or its writer JEWISH, or JEW).

This amateur writer (i.e., me) sees at least three problems with serving up a cockamamie soup in this manner:

  1. classic anti-semitism: the JEW wrote it, therefore it must be true and Krekling is merely acting as parrot.
  2. the video of Mr. Netanyahu referred to in the JEWISH piece does actually not say very much as it is a trailer to a program on Israeli Channel 10.
  3. when I did find the video in question (on a very different site and with less than 20 seconds of googling to find, just try it) it then transpires that Mr. Krekling has used the most aggressive word in the Norwegian dictionary to translate what in the first place was a very bad translation from Hebrew to English. In the video Mr Netanyahu says “makot”, which in the direct sense could mean hit, strike, beat. But “makot” also has another meaning – ” punishment”, or here – to punish. So the JEWISH writer, in the blog the presumably professional journalist Krekling refers to, has intentionally used the more aggressive meaning of the word makot – to beat, whereas Mr. Krekling has only found one possible meaning of the word in Norwegian – to beat up, as in beat to pulp.

Come to think of, it, I can come up with many more reservations to such simplistic approach to external sources. Even I , who am not trained in the art of interpreting language, can smell the rat – CONTEXT. The blog makes no mention of CONTEXT, a sin I may be inclined to forgive in the case of a non-professional writer, such as the JEWISH writer. But I am certainly not about to let a professional journalist who, at a click of his mouse can upload horrific distortions on the NRK website, off the hook for this disgraceful professional laziness.

In case it escaped the attention of Mr. Krekling, the CONTEXT of the infamous video is from 2001, that is in the thick of the wave of suicide bombers who would visit true terror on innocent civilians all across Israel. Mr. Netanyahu is visiting a house where a family had been shattered after terror attacks that killed first the father of the family, Ariye Hershkovitz, and later also his son Assaf.

It also cannot have escaped Mr. Kreklings attention that the international climate at the time of the meeting was at the very least fraught, with no less than 11 suicide bombings in Israel proper between January to May 2001, not counting shootings or other types of armed attacks on unarmed civilians. At the same time that rotten egg Arafat was scheming to have as many Israeli civilians as possible killed – too bad for him that he was caught with snout in trough with the sordid Karine A incident. Arafat had by then walked away from the best offer ever, and opted for sick violence in stead. I don’t know, but maybe Mr Arafat was less than sincere in his stated interest in keeping the so-called peace accords alive and well (though admittedly, he may have been in it for the money).

If Mr. Krekling needs further information on the Israeli and international political mood at this particular time in history, he may of course look it up in any schoolboy blog, but may also find it opportune to use better and more reliable sources for his nonsense.

I could of course also go in depth on the absurd claim that the Oslo peace accords failed due to Netanyahu, but by now you may have got the general gist that Mr. Krekling’s piece reeks of onesidedness, omissions, distortions and – may I say it – flagrant ignorance of the most basic facts, so will instead direct the esteemed readers of this blog to another news site, the Onion. Compared with the garbage we get for our NRK license money, this channel is a true beacon of journalistic integrity and objectivity.

0 points to JEWISH writer of the article Krekling makes reference to for really bad English, and a sad sigh for Mr. Krekling and his lack of professional ethics.

Prof. M. McGonagall