All is fine in my little belly button, sulks Støre

Our FM Støre reacts with incredulity to WickedLeaks that US embassy crew find him not smart, arrogant, in it for himself and with an attitude problem. Sincerely, I have not heard any of this conveyed to me in Washington, he says – adding that perhaps this might have been the case for US diplomats during the Bush Administration, because they interpreted any sign of independent thinking as something inherently bad.

Too bad for him, then, that US diplomats posted in Oslo in the reign of Obama, continue to sound alarms that all is not well with Norway’s foreign policy. A diplomat wrote in 2009 this about Støre;

Although smart and dynamic, some people wonder if his arrogance might not work against him in negotiations.

Ouch! And with that zinger, the bubble vision he wanted to present to us, of him self as a worldly leader, standing up to the big wigs, burst – leaving him in a rather tatty state with his tiny fig leaf – too small to cover the bald patches where normally you would have expected to see experience, political clout, and maybe even integrity.

How could it not occur to Mr. Støre, that constantly changing tack – without consulting senior partners – that, one day having tea with Hamas, another day, choosing foolishly, and as the only Western representative, to sit and listen to Ahmadinejad’s foul ranting at UNs Durban 2 conference in Geneve in 2009,would have a very high political price?

It ought not be advanced rocket science to realize that you may well take calculated risks once you are sure you have your allies lined up behind you, or next to you, but if if you jump off a cliff without a parachute, you are bound to hit the ground with a very loud thump.

And now he lies there, Humpty Dumpty, and all the King’s women and men can never put him together again,

Prof. M. McGonagall