Greedy Hillestad

Here is one for laughs… Israel boycotter Erik Hillestad (yes, he has signed every motion, real or imaginary, to call for a cultural and academic boycott of Israel) is very upset that one of his artists signed a deal with another company, actually a supermarket chain, not very unlike Tesco, to sell his CDs to members for NOK 99.

According to the Christian daily Vårt Land, Hillestad does not like this one bit and from his position of moral supremacy, he attacks the singer in question, in fact a very popular singer/priest Bjørn Eidsvåg.

here is a verbatim translation, I do apologize for foul language, it was in the original text:

Artists who  dump their products in the market for NOK 99, are in fact telling the public that their music is crap.

He then adds, making sure to attract new musicians to his own label:

Some artists who are launching CDs are so desperate that they piss their own pants to keep warm!

(again, apologies for foul language, this is a verbatim translation…)

Luckily, Eidsvåg seems to think Hillestad is barking up the wrong tree, or perhaps is just barking mad, and merely states the obvious through his tweets:

Book clubs etc give their members huge price cuts. This is the kind of contract we all want!

it is of course interesting that Eidsvåg can sell 1,5 million CDs on his own  (Norway is really a tiny market so this number is huge), while Hillestads label barely can scrape through.

Oh, I just love the Christmas spirit of the moral supremacists!

Prof. M. McGonagall