Vårt Land is runner up to dishonest reporting

Vårt Land, the Christian daily which takes a wait and see approach to Israel, seems to need a little home schooling when it comes to geography, political realities of the Galilean hills.

In a short article they inform us that the mayor of Jesus’s hometown refused to put up a christmas tree on the town square.

Well, here is a short lesson in local geography and local political history, which they ought to be well advised to study before they proceed to publish utter rubbish in the future.

Although Nazareth and Nazareth Illit lie very close to each other, it is Nazareth which is thought of as the hometown of Jesus, not Nazareth Illit. They have got it partially right in their article, they do recognize that Nazareth Illit is a Jewish town, but after that they get it all wrong.

Nazareth Illit was built as a result of Arab hostility to Jews living in Nazareth. It caused not a small scandal some 25 years ago, when the first Jews, for the most part secular, but also some observant, simply wanted to build a new a nice neighborhood in Nazareth, bringing (in addition to an already bustling trade) more trade to the region.

But no, Arabs, Christian or Muslim, decried this attempt to “settle” the Galilea with Jews, and some took it upon themselves to torch a few houses just to make the point.

So, in order to avoid bloodshed and cause unnecessary tension, Nazareth Illit was built. Just as what was done in P’kin, and many other hamlets across the Galilea. Jews can still not place a Jewish symbol in the heart of Nazareth, but the Arabs call it racism when a Jewish neighborhood wants to preserve its cultural identity in Nazareth Illit?

Of course, one does not expect Vårt Land to be fully conversant with the political map of the Galilea, but when they choose to print a story where they falsely claim that Nazereth Illit is the hometown of Jesus, they really ought to take it upon themselves to check the facts, and double check who their sources are. Have they not heard about the friends of Sabeel and Naim Ateek, that hateful man who ministers that Jews have no place in Israel?

And shame on them for trying to inflame the religious sentiment of Norwegians, who unsuspectingly will accept that Jews are horrible people, see, now the Christian Arabs cant even set up a Christmas tree!

Here is a tip to VL editor in Chief, check your sources,  and check their motifs carefully before you start fanning the flames of hate.

Prof. M. McGonagall