Enjoying the sun at Costa del Dictatorship

While VG journalists want to send us to Syria for holiday (actually I would’ve loved to, but would be denied entry on grounds that I have been visiting that tiny 6 lettered country, their neighbor to the south-west), the Iranians are busy hanging all the people they don’t like. Exiled Iranians plead with the Norwegians, be it government or regular bloke on the street, to please intervene, to make a racket so loud that the thugs who stole the “elections” 18 months ago wouldn’t dare to even leave a scratch on the poor souls who have been consigned to the gallows, but so far there is only a tiny notice in VG, tucked away between news that a underwear chain has forced its employees to show their bosom size, and Carl Bildt who thinks somebody is hacking his mail.

Incidentally, it seems to have slipped the attention of the VG journalist that Syria is a major supporter and friend of Iran.

So, balancing the input from VG over the last 6 months, it is deeply reprehensible when Israel defends herself from attacks on their sovereignty, including Israeli citizens right to live in peace; or when the US executes inmates (under the rule of Obama, who has the power to grant clemency to federal in-mates on death row, or exert political pressure on State authorities), and possibly if somebody is evil enough to feel very reluctant in front of all this cultural relativism.
On the other hand, it is entirely fine and as should be when Syria, Turkey take turns to see who can brutalize the Kurds among them the most, or if Iran strings up people who are convicted on heresay, then that is apparently as much as we can expect from these people, and with no hope that we can improve their miserable records in matters as backward as human rights and civic liberty.

To my mind this attitude is deeply racist, and this racism is the fundament for the cultural relativism our beloved progressives have built their empire.
Lets hope there wont be a storm in the coming days, that house of cards will come tumbling down, very loudly.

Prof. M. McGonagall (from a wonderful seaside resort in the South Atlantic!)