Judenhass in Trondheim

Morgenbladet January 21-27, 2011

In last week’s edition of Morgenbladet, a man wrote of how he upon visiting a cafe in Trondheim was slapped for the sin of refusing to be ashamed of having relatives in Israel. In this week’s issue, a Norwegian Jew writes of how he was repeatedly insulted and criticized in Trondheim for the sin of wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the star of David.

Unauthorized translation of the readers’ letter to Morgenbladet above:

Also I have have experienced similar disrespect and direct attacks upon my person, solely because I have worn a t-shirt with the religious symbol of the star of David (But it was not yellow as it may-haps should have been?) I expressed absolutely nothing: The attacks and hateful expressions were made for the sole reason that I wore this religious symbol. I was spat upon, harangued and vilely harassed. And the worst was that people in the vicinity followed suit: either with spiteful smiles, shouts and comments, or indirectly by looking away.

Furthermore: The cafe in Trondheim which attempts to be a meeting-place for students, artists and intellectuals at times houses guests who are permitted to loudly voice their contempt of Jews, significantly enough.  The university milieus in this city have in part developed into a political spawning site where intellectual integrity and humanist principles have become tools of political and social power, reminiscent of the one-tracked AKP-dominance of AKP at Blinderen (University of Oslo) during the end of the 1960s. Woe upon he whom in this environment stands up against the dominant locomotive of meaning; by such an act one is redefined as a human being and am no longer considered to be entitled to hold an opinion. And one thereby looses any claim to respect. I and my family were forced to move from Trondheim.

There are now several others who plan to move from the city. It is sad that this is going on without any action from the democratic Norway.

Anti-Semitism is of course not a problem only for Norwegian Jews. To the contrary, anti-Semitism is the consequence of more profound problems festering in the belly of the nation.

History shows us that few people are very brave. It is a rare individual who is able to stand up to an organized bunch of crusaders or jihadists.  Yet we are all facing the same problems.

Hang together or hang alone.

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