Make-up touch-up tip for the Socialist International

It seems the governing body of the Socialist International only yesterday realized that Mubaraks National Democratic Party was among their member masses. They summarily fired it, thus trying to pretend that they have always had their house in order, and that this membership was merely a blib, an unfortunate oversight.

Norway’s labor party is a prominent member of the SI. it has year after year after year participated in SI meetings where not only Mubarak, but Assad, and long time ago, also Saddam Hussein. Then there is Castro, Chavez, and going further back in history, a whole lot of unsavory characters peeping out from underneath the iron curtain.

And only now do they pause to think whether perhaps there ought to be some form of vetting of prospective members? Perhaps a nice little questionnaire, a multiple choice – tick off the correct option and win entry to the SI?

As many a girl has found out, waking up a Sunday morning after a night out – mascara rubbed down the cheeks and lip stick smeared on the chin – you need to scrub down, put on a new base before applying more make up.

Otherwise you only look cheap.

Prof. M. McGonagall