While we wait for Godot – enjoy this radio podcast from the BBC

While we await the outcome – short term as well as long term – of the ongoing drama in Egypt, you may find it interesting to take 30 minutes to listen to the BBC radio documentary File on 4 Tolerating the Intolerant?

Whilst not relating particularly to the unrest in Egypt – nor to the Norway – Israel relationship which is the main axis of this particular blog – it depicts a rather chilling scenario where increasingly extremist views in some Muslim countries may be reflected in these countries’ growing ex-pat communities in the UK (but also rest of Europe).

Amid increasing attempts in Norwegian media to find the Israel angle through which to understand the crisis in Egypt, coupled with a naive view that any change must per definition be positive, this program outlines some very troubling scenarios if we continue to pretend that the world would come to rest if we just continue to make obeisance to thugs.

Little Red Riding Hood was almost eaten up by the wolf that pretended to be her loving grandma, lets not be so gullible that we think that jockeying for position in Egypt is the same as the velvet revolution of Prague.

Prof. M. McGonagall