Breaking news: Støre: Hamas not a terror organization

Readers of our blog will remember the question posed to our FM Støre by MP Syversen whether or not Hamas is considered a terror organization.

I guess we all expected a clear and short yes or no. To our great dismay, the right honorable FM pulls the wool over our eyes by saying that:

in legal terms Norway does not apply labels on organizations. Many organizations have committed acts of terror without us labeling them as terror organizations. But we do strongly condemn such actions.

In a grotesque attempt to deflect attention from such a shocking statement, the FM then adds that Norway is not about to recognize Hamas, as Norway only recognizes states, not organizations. And then mucks it all up again by adding that it is always wise to be in contact.

And with that the rest of what might have been salvaged of our credibility is gone, byebye.

Our government – which just for the record does not exactly reflect popular will, with a shaky coalition with the slimmest margin possible managed to cling on to power after last general elections – has now finally shown its true face. Hamas is not a terror organization. Kidnapping Shalit and preventing any humanitarian visit is probably just an unfortunate event, and those “tiny” rockets that with alarming frequency land on hapless civilians in Israel is, to paraphrase a spineless journalist, to be compared with mosquito bites.

Hamas is not a terror organization, the Earth is flat and the sun circles around the Earth. Newton was gravely mistaken with his gravity theory and Copenhagen is the capital of Norway.

This according to the Gospel of our unrepresentative government.

We will follow up with more info as it emerges.

Prof. M. McGonagall