While we wait for Godot II: Another podcast from the BBC radio 4

As the discussion rages: is the Muslim Brotherhood good or bad?, I found this podcast from the BBC very helpful in trying to understand the basis for the deep religious split in the Muslim World.

This edition of Beyond Belief explores the relationship between Shia and Sunni Islam, and how this conflict is intrinsically linked to political conflicts in the Middle East.

Not particularly related to Norway and Israel, this program still offers an opportunity to compare and contrast the academic, blunt yet respectful approach of the BBC, with the genuflexion so favored by Norwegian white elites who cling on to their chairs at University of Oslo or other, even as they are well past their expiration date.

If your time allows it, you may also find the program on Egypt of interest. It was aired before the Tahir square demonstrations, but still offers a very valuable insight into Egypt and its political, ethnic and religious complexities.


Prof. M. McGonagall