Universitas article comments rife with antisemitism

The Universitas article on a Jewish students trials and tribulations gives more food for thought.

Reading the commentaries gives rise to very uncomfortable feelings, in particular this entry is extremely chilling:

Israels antisemittisme mot palestinerne2011-02-11 11:39:21:

There is no antisemitism in Norway. Antisemitism is a swear-word invented by the extreme rightist zionists (zionism is determined by the UN to be synonymous with racism) to use against anybody who is critical of Israels occupation, international law breaches and aggression towards palestinians. Antisemitism is an expression used to turn reality upside down, to make the aggressors victims and the victims aggressors, to quote Finkelstein. Every time somebody starts moaning about antisemitism, I close my ears and confirm that here we have yet another extreme right Israel supporter…

So, now we know what it takes to be a politically correct student at University of Oslo… All that is required is copious amounts of bigotry mixed with mental insanity. Try to imagine an anonymous creature like this tucking a child in, or singing lullabyes…. Perish the thought!

Maybe Universtitas should start to use the moderator option for its talkbacks?

And maybe our anonymous erudite writer should check facts before spewing garbage. The zionism equals racism was rightly tossed out many years ago, in 1991.

As for the overwhelming majority of the talkbacks, they confirm the view that Jews are not particularly popular in Norway, and if they have dared voice reluctance to the gospel of Hating Israel, so much the worse, then they are an even more despised  breed of people, deserving of harassment, jeers, threats.

How warped is this? Is this my multicultural Norway so much loved by the leftist twats who idle their time away between beers and zero ambition?

Prof. M. McGonagall