Aftenposten’s satire column gets hysterical reactions

Aftenposten’s humor column, The 5th branch, features a delicious satirical piece on how Egypt’s revolution might be a breach on an Israeli “law”, “dictator-in-foreign-country”. It is absolutely hilarious, clearly absurd and taking the mickey; the story goes that a group of Israeli lawyers thinks that kicking out Mubarak may constitute a breach of an Israeli law which requires that neighboring countries must be governed by a dictator and that they will appeal to the magistrates court in J’lem to overturn the “decision” to oust Mubarak.

This could have been written by any Israeli satirist and is BRILLIANT, in fact neck and neck with Latma satire.

So, why a entry on this blog on such a non-story?

The feedbacks! The feedbacks by good Norwegians who got really crazy over the in-subordinacy, the chutzpah, the arrogance of Israel!

OK,  a few readers point out the obvious, this is satire, humor, not truth.

But one reader writes that it is time to bomb Israel, another reader moans that Israel is shameless, while a man writes that this is a fun hypothetical story, and then adds, that “on reflection one might actually imagine this line of thinking in Israel, they are so arrogant and drunk on their own excellence”.

As one reader puts it: “No wonder Norway is increasingly famed for being Israel haters. We cannot even distinguish between journalists who are extremists, or just satirical.”

And therein the point of this entry: Norwegian readers get bombarded with one-sided, distorted, quite often direct lies about Israel.

Whereas some people clearly have a capability to think and critically assess ‘information’ as they struggle to get ready for work, serve breakfast for kids, ponder what to make for dinner; many more just receive the daily drops of poison between rushing to pick up kids from kinder garden, worrying about a sick relative, dropping junior off for football training, or self to aerobics class. Drip, drip, drip, all these insidious drops, filter down to the unconscious mind to be stored on some databank or other.

And there it sits, festers. And manifests itself as furious talkbacks to a thoroughly fictitious story, carefully placed on the satire pages, just in case some particularly thick reader should get it wrong.

Isn’t this what brainwashing is all about?

Prof. M. McGonagall