London School of Economics ditches Gadaffi money

Not a Norway – Israel issue as such, but given the place and weight of the LSE in Norway, it would be interesting to see how LSE decision to drop a Gadaffi sponsored study program could impact Norwegian academia.

In the very least the LSE, however belated (how come they accepted this blood money in the first place?), has acknowledged that liberal studies do not mate handsomely with brutal dictatorships.

So, now with the LSE busy wiping egg off its face, what can we expect of Norwegian academia, companies, who may be entertaining the idea of selling themselves for a fistful of dollars (I think that is the way PA prez Abbas described the multimillion dollar aid received from the US) from less than ideal sources. Surely, if the LSE could have slipped so badly, it ought not be an entirely unreasonable thought that Norwegian universities, under no circumstance exposed to the same degree of scrutiny as British universities, might have taken a bit of blood money too?

Hm, where are the old fashioned journalists who put profession before personal gains when you need them?

Prof. M. McGonagall