What’s this? Gadaffi bombs his own people, the UN, EU must be dragged into action?

If it was not so terribly tragic, I might have had a good laugh. All those politically correct, caught pants down. Sadly, there is no cause for joy,  far too many Libyans are dead, mowed down in this weeks latest show of evil, or at other times, such as for instance the 1200 inmates at the Abu Salim massacre in 1996.

European countries, and no doubt Norway among them, continue to bend backwards to please the mad dictator. Advanced weapons, planes, ships, the more the better, or to quote Libyan opposition activist Guma El-Gamaty on BBC Hard Talk

it has been “annoying” and “distressing” to see Western countries doing business with Libya in recent years, in effect propping up the Gaddafi regime.

Norway has many business interests in Libya. The decorative paint and coating giant Jotun, Yara, the fertilizer giant, of which the Norwegian state owns just over a third, and Statoil (no introduction required)  where the state is majority stakeholder. It is of course no crime to invest in developing countries, but how the State can live with itself knowing that it is accumulating more wealth from blood money from Libya is mindboggling

Right now the world awaits the outcome of the UNSC “consultation” on Libya, only convened after UN watch and 70 human rights organizations as well as desperate Libyan diplomats urged them to do so.

Our very own government has of course issued statements of condemnation but remain strangely silent. Espen Barth Eide says he “hopes” that there will be an unanimous vote of condemnation, but concedes that international action might not be on the table just yet.

It is more than ironical that the Arab League has kicked Libya out, while the UN still deliberates what to do with this mass murderer, while back on the farm, rabid leftists who turned Oslo into a battlefield in January 2009 are nowhere to be seen, Minister of education has not been seen demonstrating under a banner that calls Israel the state of evil, while the Labor and Social Left pin ups who donned kaffiehs in Parliament to show their “solidarity” with Palestinians back in May 2010, seem to have ran out of ideas on how to express solidarity in any form or shape.

Although in fairness, world politicians have reacted, and have condemned (eventually, but only after it became very embarrassing to be pressured by UN watch and Libyan diplomats), the very fact that UN has still to decide what to do, and that all EU foreign minister Baroness Ashton calls for restraint, is just another proof that politically correct apparatchics are part of the problem, and represent a true hazard for world peace.

To heap insult to an already grave injury, none of the UNHRC members have as of yet called for Libya’s removal from their midst, an indecency too great for words.

Prof. M. McGonagall