Norwegian politicians mum, Cameron takes a stand.

Aside from the polite protest from Norwegian politicians in the wake of Libyan massacre, no public person of interest here in Norway has stood up to call the bluff of some Arab leaders who will use the Palestinian cause in order to cover up for their own crimes at home. Hence, it is refreshing that UK PM Cameron is not afraid of causing controversy.

In a Jerusalem Post article he is quoted to have said to a conference in Qatar that:

“in too many countries in the Middle East, some rulers say to their people ‘be angry about that, don’t be angry about the fact that you live in a non-open society,’”

But he also takes a stab at the way European countries have showered the region with money, without ensuring that true reform came out of it as a result:

Future aid to the region must be conditional on more political openness. Europe has given a huge amount to these countries. It hasn’t really insisted on proper conditions,”  “We have seen far too much money disappearing into a great big black hole. This is a wake-up call for the European Union to look at the aid that it gives. It’s not acceptable that this money has gone and no particular reform has happened in return.”

Wow. Remember this is the man who last week officially gutted the multicultural experiment  and the way it has been managed. And it is not as if he comes from a particularly pro-Israel party, his FM can only find faults with Israel and minces no words in letting this be known.

Of course, such candid language is a rather unusual treat and we dont expect this to be reflected in Norwegian papers any time soon. As a matter of fact they have not even written about how our own former PM Jagland, the current Secretary General of the Council of Europe also disowned the multicultural experiment, calling it dangerous.

But it is not only teddybear-like Cameron who is ballsy. Former UK FM Lord David Owen not only chastised the UN for failing to convene as soon as news of Gadaffi’s massacre of his own people was heard, but also continues to call for a no-fly zone over Libya as well as military action – recalling the effect of imposing a no-fly zone had in Bosnia – it effectively stopped planes getting off the ground, the implication being that a further massacre in Libya can be avoided if the world so wanted.

On the question on seizing Gadaffis extensive UK property portfolio, the right honorable Lord once again left no doubt:

“the fact that it appears that we are actually supplying ammunition to him is something to our everlasting shame.”

This of course makes the silence by our Norwegian politicians look even more dubious while FM Støre’s shady love affair with “dialogueing” with all things creepy simply looks immoral.

Prof. M. McGonagall