Aftenposten has deleted Israel from the map

Browsing the MIFF site I found this article, which features Aftenpostens insulting map of the Middle East in relation to an article analyzing the ongoing crisis in the ME and North African region. Rather than reinventing the wheel, let me just provide an unauthorized translation of the article on the MIFF site as well as a copy of the offending map:

Aftenposten’s map insults all parties. The Fatah authorities in Ramallah are unlikely to be happy with having been incorporated into Jordan, separated from the rest of the “palestinian homeland” they hope to control at some time int he future.

The Hamas authorities in Gaza have also been completely removed from the map. Such is often the fate of small areas on  large scale maps. On the other hand is all of Israel marked as “Palestinian Areas”, which is quite in tune with Hamas agenda to eliminate Israel.

Israel is not the only country to not be mentioned by name on the Aftenposten map. Countries in Europe and Africa who are not involved in the uprisings are also not mentioned. What is particularly galling for Israel in that the red circle marking “the Palestinian Areas” is placed squarely over Tel Aviv.

A MIFF-member writes to us with biting irony:

The map printed by Aftenposten, void of Israel,  is probably reflecting what would be a dream for many. If this revolutionary wave ends up with a similar scenario, that would probably mean that the Kingdom of Peace has been established on earth, and all multinational capitalists would never have to worry about such unpleasant surprises such as war and revolutions?

Prof. M. McGonagall