Disingenuous Norwegian Church Aid

Vårt Land brings us today a that the Secretary General of Norwegian Church Aid thinks Norway should protest against an Israeli law proposal that would ban Israeli proponents of Israel boycott. He cites 40 Israeli human rights organizations that protest this proposal, who also claim that such a law would diminish human right works in Israel

First, the content of the proposal does not single out lefties, it calls for a ban regardless of political color, but due to the particular weight of lefties who call for boycotts, in reality it would be those organizations who would feel the brunt of it.

Secondly, although the proposal has passed its first reading in the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, it is already facing stiff resistance from the ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs respectively. Last time I checked this usually means that the Law proposal in its present form would not pass, as it would either be amended to not conflict with the Basic Law, or directly tossed out.

Thirdly, even if such a proposal would turn into Law, and we would then also have to pretend that the Israeli Supreme Court would sit idly by (they are not in such a habit), the claim that banning boycott promoters would somehow harm human rights work does not seem logic. How, Mr. Sommerfeldt, would limiting activities that could jeopardize the human rights of many, hurt human right workers? Are the 40 organizations cited so busy with promoting boycotts that they have no time for the job they say they are there to do? Please enlighten me.

The fact that Israel in the very least uses democratic institutions to propose a law contrasts sharply with Norway’s habit of snooping on people, punishing people for political or other beliefs that are contrary to the official “truth” by banning them from office, or resorting to damaging public attacks, by stealth and not by transparent means? Norway must be the only country in the world that has sealed the records of (no pun intended)  a controversial seal hunting report issued in 1988!

Or what about the Finnmark Law, which effectively bans ethnic Norwegians (who are in a majority) from holding too much property in this northernmost county, due to a positive discrimination of the Sami people? Maybe we should ask an Israeli parliamentarian to intervene in Norway’s domestic affairs?

The good Sommerfeldt might have taken some time to read Jerusalem Post, Haaretz and other English language newspapers in Israel who wrote extensively on this matter about 10 days ago. He might then have understood that he has got the wrong end of the stick and that he now has got egg on his face.

But maybe he just thinks it is easier to have a stab at transparent processes in Israel than to grapple with his own troubled conscience since he has admitted that thanks to the NCA, the Rwanda genocide could continue in East Kongo refugee camps.

Not to mention now in these days with the international community’s failure to intervene in a timely fashion to prevent bloodshed in Libya. Ah, it must be so good to be a moral supremacist.

Prof. M. McGonagall