Israel Oslo embassy case on hold

In an interesting turn of events, Dagen informs us that the notice served on Israel embassy in Oslo to vacate premises in 1 year has been withdrawn. For bureaucratic reasons. Which apparently surfaced after Ynet wrote a story on the case.

Now it seems there is a question of incompetence (yes, the double pun is intended), since none of the competent authorities in Oslo –  i.e. the Municipality of Oslo, the Oslo County Council actually can intervene in cases where they are plaintiffs.

So, Buskerud County Council has been named acting competent authority, but they too are incompetent (again, that pesky word with so many interpretations…), and the FMA is trying to salvage the situation (caused by Israeli ambassadors complaint that nobody wants to sell property to Israel in Norway), citing that Norway has an obligation to help foreign diplomatic missions find suitable venues for their offices.

Does this remind us of Soap?

Prof. M. Mc Gonagall