Israeli kids in kindergarden to stay indoors for fear of rocket rain

J’post informs us that IDF has issued warning to kindergardens in towns near Gaza to keep kids indoors. This in the wake of mortars, rockets from peace loving Gaza the last few days.

Although the Saladin-days purported agenda is to talk about peaceful religious co-existence in Jerusalem, may we propose that this topic be included in the schedule, together with supporting arguments that in the aftermath of the Mubarak ouster, Hamas banned Israeli products including several food products , into the poverty stricken strip.

While we continue to wait for Godot, we also anxiously await that the UNSC or even the UNHRC will “consult” on the illegal use of deadly arms on Israeli civilian population, but judged on the much more  expedient reaction of the Arab League with regards to Libya we might perhaps get better and quicker results if we lodge our complaints there?

As for Norwegian human rights organizations, is it really so hard to organize a protest  march in Oslo these days, I mean with the worlds attention due to the Ski World Cup, who knows maybe even Blitz could be bothered to participate?

Even if there is no Libyan embassy to protest at, just for fun you could just take position outside the Israeli embassy, since they anyway are going to be tossed out and the neighbors would probably relish yet another proof that Israel really is the bad guy on the block?

Please, the first person to enter Norway, switch on the light, we are lost in the darkness!

Prof. M. McGonagall