‘Clash of the fascists’ as red meets brown in Oslo city centre

Blitz casts itself as an autonomous, anti-fascist movement. Yet it receives public funding and displays obvious fascist traits.

Young men will rumble. It’s in their nature and therefore also the one activity at which they really excel. Today the reds marched against the browns in Oslo city center.

The extreme right dissolved in the nineties but now the police say there are signs of a revival. This gives Blitz all the reason they need to mobilize. Today Blitz marched on a tattoo-parlor in Oslo city centre. The tattoists, the Blitzers are claiming, are nazis. The only media channel to cover the issue so far is TV2 (see below).

Screenshot from TV2: masked young "blitzers" demonstrating against what they believe to be a "nazi" tattoo-parlor. Blitzers sincerely believe they are the "good guys".

While most Norwegians loathe right-wing extremism, we would be deceiving ourselves if we pretended that it in any way is a tolerable solution to have Blitz keep Oslo nazi-clean. The only force which can legitimately handle direct confrontation with extremists is the police, which most of the time does a pretty good job.

Blitz casts itself as an autonomous, anti-nazi movement which not only lives on public money, but also displays some glaringly obvious fascist traits itself. Blitz consists of rowdy youths who engage in direct action (as in beatings) against what they deem to be “legitimate targets”. Blitz employs a distinctly martial language, speaking openly of the “front” against Israel and sending “solidarity-brigades” to the West Bank where they partake in demonstrations.

Take a good hard look at the screenshot above. How can people such as these be considered entitled to public money?

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