Sidsel Wold takes the prize

….. and the winner is…. Sidsel Wold… for her extraordinary capacity to transmit international news… The Perspective price is awarded by the Norwegian Refugee Council

The jury awarded the price because Wold

tillegg til å beskrive og analysere politiske og sosiale forhold, har hun også gitt menneskene i regionen et ansikt og en stemme. Dette har hun gjort uten å la egne meninger og følelser prege reportasjene, sier jurymedlem Kristin Clemet som delte ut prisen på vegne av juryen.

In addition to describing and analyzing political and social conditions, she has also given the people on the region a face and a voice. She has done this without letting her own convictions or feelings influence her reports, says jury member Cristin Clemet who gave the price on behalf of the jury

It has been a most productive year for Wold as far as prices go; she was awarded dishonest reporter 2010 by Honest Reporting

You can read all the unsavory details here from TundraTabloids

Meanwhile, this Three Stooges quote seems relevant:

“I can’t see, I can’t see!” “What’s’a’matter!?” “I got my eyes closed.” [ploink!]

prof. M. McGonagall