With love from your friendly Gaza neighborhood

Israeli media informs us that Israeli navy has intercepted a vessel with arms heading to Gaza via Alexandria with pit stop in Turkey. Consignors: Iran and Syria. Consignee: Hamas. Intended target: Israeli civilians in undisputed Israeli territory.

At the same time, Israeli media also informs us of Hamas breaking up a demo by pro-unity protestors, who demand an end to the split between Palestinian factions.

The crowd chanted slogans such as

“Oh Abbas, Oh Haniyeh, we want national unity,” “The people want to end the division,” and “One flag, not two flags.”

Lets stop to consider the meaning of “One flag, not two flags” in relation to the current PA drive to derive meaningless statements of recognition from countries around the world:

Which Palestine is it that the world expects to emerge? Or how many? Is Gaza going to be a country of its own? Or is it going to be a satellite state, attached to PA? Iran? Norway? Or are the PA guys really expecting Israel to give up a piece of its land so that the two “Palestines” can be connected? In return for what? Who will be in charge? PA? Hamas?

How this might play out if not carefully reconsidered, is perhaps forcefully demonstrated in this little demo from the friendly Gaza neighborhood…

Really! This is clear as mud, and seems just as well thought out as the peace plan for India and Pakistan and the troubled Kashmir province.

One can only deduce from this that policy makers who spill their ink in designing paper tigers from cushioned offices, rarely have the necessary knowledge and understanding to make a difference on the ground, but when they have power to implement poorly thought out ideas, they create very dangerous situations.

One supposes they don’t care – it is not their blood that is being spilled, nor that of their children.

As for demonstrators in Gaza go, only tough love for them as Hamas beat them to pulp to break up the demo…. Sounds like business as usual. Or maybe they just needed to let some steam out when smuggled goods were intercepted…. again!

Prof. M. McGonagall