50 bombs a day keeps the press corps away

Obviously, on a scale from 1 Р10, events unfolding in Libya, Japan; mounting pressure in Syria, Yemen, Saudi are very valid reasons for press to momentarily  have abandoned their otherwise pathological obsession with Israel.

On the other hand, maybe the news of more than 50 rockets launched against civil targets in Israel proper is an embarrassing reminder for the press that they have for too long focused on Israel, because it is a convenient target, rather than getting busy with uncovering abysmal human rights crimes in less than democratic states around the world, verbatim Michael White of the Guardian:

And us? I have always sensed liberal, middle class ill-ease in going after stories about immigration, legal or otherwise, about welfare fraud or the less attractive tribal habits of the working class, which is more easily ignored altogether.

Toffs, including royal ones, Christians, especially popes, governments of Israel, and US Republicans are more straightforward targets.

Just as we read that Libyan loyalists (are they really?) have no qualms bringing their tender babes to battlefield, our FM tries to fool us into believing that we are not at war, looking strangely out of tune with colleague Faremo at defense ministry, who tells us that this will not be an easy job.

Syria is still at it, murdering peaceful protesters, but as they found out that they had been found out, tried to buy good will by releasing 15 arrested school children. Meanwhile, in Sanaa, the boss there tells us that it was a horrible mistake that snipers murdered 40 demonstrators, and Turkey is trying to wipe is spotty bottom clean by forcing Iranian planes heading for Syria to land in Turkey to check freight for unlawful arms.

So while we appreciate that finally the press has found out that it has let the majority of the worlds population down by singling Israel out for special treatment, we would have appreciated it even more if in stead of running non-stories on how to become a hunk in time for summer, generously funded news-corporations would have included a sentence or two on how those lovely Hamas boys try to drag Israel into a bloody showdown.

After all, the taxpayers would like to see their tax money well accounted for – Norway continues to be one of the main donors to Palestinians, and we would hate to think that our money funds missiles to be used indiscriminately against civilian population in Ashkelon, today March 20, 2011

Prof. M. McGonagall