Missing in action- Ammar Al-Hamdam

Norwegian citizen, journalist and photographer Ammar Al-Hamdam is missing in Libya, having been captured by Libya’s own Saif Al-Islam, you know the guy brandished by PC progressives to be the nice guy, tragically trapped between the dream for a new deal in Libya and his fathers lunacy.

Now efforts are focused on securing Ammars release, or in the very least, that he is allowed to phone home to tell he’s OK.

While we are deeply worried that a journalist has been abducted, we are at the same time not convinced that all that could be done to find him, and ensure his immediate release and return to his loved ones, is actually done.¬†Apparently, Ny Tid is surprised that the Saif Al-Islam told them a lie – he wasn’t about to release to our man after all… Is there a plan B?

It may now behoove Ny Tid and other news outfits in Norway to contemplate the horror Gilad Shalit has been going through for 5 years now.

Notwithstanding, we want our Ammar back! Now!

Prof. M. McGonagall