Dershowitz + Bergen Law Student Union 10 – University of Bergen 0

Dershowitz came, spoke and challenged the crowd that turned up for his free lecture in Bergen. As previously reported, the University of Bergen declined the offer to receive a free lecture from Professor Dershowitz (actually, to  be precise, they would welcome him only on the condition that he would stay off the main topic, so a non-starter).

But the Bergen Law student Union, supported by the European Law Student Association pulled off the gig and filled the auditorium of the Law Faculty. The audience were treated to a master lecture on international Law and its applications, obviously focussing on Israel and the ME conflict, where Norway got a slap on the cheek for not having intervened back in the 70ies when the UN – in the thick of the genocide being carried out in Cambodia – only could be bothered to issue a resolution condemning Zionism to racism.

Our former PM Willoch got a bit of stick  for his ludicrous claim that Emanuel Rahm would prove to be an obstacle for the peace negotiation, just because he is a Jew.

Talk about chicken coming home to roost!

Interestingly, none of the big media outlets have mentioned this – they are probably too busy sticking their heads in the sand to see that fast train approaching.

Prof. M McGonagall