Holocaust denying labour politician made it to the international media!

Here is the latest on the sad saga of the Sami labour politician who denied the Holocaust.

He made it to the ynet.com, where we are now getting our noses bloodied.

So, just because Mathisen thinks he can hide behind his sami ethnicity to have a go at another ethnic group, I need to feel that being a Norwegian is becoming increasingly burdensome?

We have been on the wrong side of events for a long time now, and the chicken is coming home to roost. The ongoing Libya mission has highlighted that Norwegian military staff has been kept out of the loop for strategic decision making – keeping our lads all dressed up, but nowhere to go.

There is a price to be paid for punching above your weight, especially if you keep punching your partners.

Now, if every time Norway appears in international media, we are going to be associated with negative events as well as representing nothing but insignificance in the greater political, diplomatic wheel of fortune, I think we shall be very sad to see the consequences.

China is still angry with us, Sri Lankans would like to deep fry us, the US does not trust us, while the EU sees no point in having a separate diplomatic desk for Norway but has lumped us together with emerging East European, Balkan countries… Not the best of times for a narcissist nation such as Norway.

Incidentally, the ethical code of conduct of the Sami Parliament does not appear to automatically exclude any representative who grossly oversteps the mark for common behavioral codes in our Norwegian society. It does contain some rather vague phrases about respect for others, representing the Sami people and the Sami Parliament in such a manner that its integrity and good name is safeguarded.

Not sure if broadcasting rank bigotry on Facebook and refusing to retract offensive statements when called upon by party officials is the best way to ensure this.

Such a pity that these people are trusted to trash our reputation!

But on the bright side, we got some international attention, that must surely be a good thing?