Norwegian journalist abducted, Norwegian press is silent

Ammar Al-Hamdam, the Norwegian journalist who has been abducted by the mad puppy of the ME, Saif Al-Islam, is still unaccounted for.

The Norwegian press has simply dropped the matter, substituting calls for his release with toe-curlingly embarrassing tales of pubertal sex romps.

Why is the Norwegian press ditching a colleague? Is it because he is an immigrant? Because he has a ME background? Speaks Arabic?

When TV2 journalist Fredrik Gr├Žsvik narrowly escaped terror bombs at the Serena Hotel in Kabul he was awarded a place on the national press safety commission.

How will Ammar be received once he is released from unlawful imprisonment and reunited with his loved ones?

I am deeply disturbed by this neglect to demand the IMMEDIATE release of our fellow citizen and to broadcast this demand in FAT TYPES until the demand has been met.

Hey Saif, just in case you read this. Give us our Ammar back! He is ours!