25 hurt in J’lem, 1 in Beer Sheva, Ashdod also gets the friendly neighbor salute

What’s with the peace loving Palestinians? Coming up with all sorts of pretexts to not sit down face to face to negotiate, and while they gain some symbolic support for their cause they go ahead and fumble it themselves, since sooner rather than later they actually have to negotiate. I have no doubt that it is the rush to create a state by September 2011 that is driving these poorly thought out strategies, which do not seem to consider consequences.

And now that events that nobody knows the final outcome of, rock the region, this might have been the time for Palestinian politicians to show maturity, and to offer support to their freedom fighting Arab brethren and give them first hand experience in civil society and democracy building process. After all, the Palestinians have received billions of dollars over the years to develop their civic society.

It would have been nice if they had something more to show for themselves than rampant corruption, nepotism and resorting to terror as a matter of routine. Today at least 25 people have been injured by a bomb at one of the most busy bus stations in Jerusalem; a man has been injured by a grad rocket in Beer Sheva, and the people in Ashdod are under siege .

Is this all the Palestinian dream of statehood boils down to? Terror?

Prof. M. McGonagall