Is it right to trick children into visiting Jewish institutions?

Oslo, the capital of Norway, has a sizable Muslim population. As we see from the previous article, some of these Muslim children have to be tricked into visiting Jewish institutions such as the synagogue or mosque, else they won’t go. The article below deals with whether or not such trickery is the way to go.

This article is from Aftenposten Aften yesterday, and is penned by Andreas Slettholm. Title: “Critical of trickery”.

Signe Marie Natvig Andreassen is a former headmaster at the Gran School. She is critical over teachers “tricking” Muslim students into visiting Jewish institutions in school hours.

“Such visits must be made openly, in full understanding with the parents of the students. Using a lot of time, listening and having a good dialogue is the way to go, Andreassen says.

Andreassen was part of a governmental committee which in January delivered 39 proposals to counteract anti-Semitism. This took part after the NRK revealed anti-Semite attitudes and harassment of Jews in the schools of Oslo.

“We are working to make parents accept visits to the localities of other religions as part of the school’s intellectual conveyance. This is demanding of time, as parents often are fearful of religious influence, in particular with small children”, Andreassen says.

Mapping ready by May

She has the opinion the use of the term “Jew” as a disparaging term is insulting (sic) and encourages leaders of schools to regard such events as disciplinary cases.

“And I if I found out school children were subjected to for instance anti-Semite children television programs, I would have made an initiative, since schools have a tremendous responsibility for children not to develop such attitudes”, Andreassen says.

After these reports, the municipality of Oslo also initiated mapping of anti-Semitism and racism among students. Results are supposedly ready by May.

Frightening experiences

In the committee, Andreassen met with Jewish students telling about their experiences.

“It is frightening what the Jewish children are exposed to. I have never before had experiences with this on a daily basis, as we did not have any Jewish children at Gran School”.

The recommendations of the committee have been submitted to the Minister of knowledge, Kristin Halvorsen (Socialist Left).

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